Group of Babies


Telegrams and Party Jams is a company who is celebrating life on purpose. We offer singing telegrams and party entertainment to help celebrate a variety of life’s beautiful occasions while giving back to our community with scholarships for school aged kids.


Give a gift to that special somebody for any occasion. We can help customize your message in song to celebrate, ask a question, or just make someone laugh. Our talented team can deliver a heartfelt performance that will be sure to delight you and your audience for years to come.

The memory will last a lifetime!

There is nothing better than throwing a party that people love and remember. Our costumed characters are ready to bring the fun! We have an assortment of different characters and themes to choose from. If you want to provide an experience that your guests will talk about and remember fondly then let us help build that experience with you. 
(Coming soon!)

We will have special gift items to choose from if you want to give an additional gift to help commemorate any special occasion.