Family at a Beach


Our Story 

This company is being born from a place of joy and a passion to celebrate life. I have worked in cancer care for the last eight years and I have learned one of the most valuable lessons a person can learn in this life and that is not to take any of your minutes for granted. Live, celebrate, and love.

I am hoping that this company can do just that, highlight those precious moments and celebrate those beautiful times to such a degree that they are easily recalled when we are faced with hard times. Sprinkling this community with love and laughter.

We also want to give back to the community in two ways. First, we are creating a space for people with talent to share their gift and be able to make a living doing so. We want to foster the arts in our community and remind Santa Cruz and adjoining counties that singing, acting and music are important for everyone to experience.

Secondly, we are a non profit. A portion of all proceeds will go into a scholarship fund to help school aged children have clothes for school, backpacks, and funding for activities. We also would like to provide a birthday party for scholarship winners to be able to celebrate in a big way. Our non profit status means that the purchase of our services will include a tax deductible receipt for you, a great added bonus. When you celebrate with us you are doing more than just giving a gift you are giving opportunities.

We are looking forward to making memories with you and yours celebrating life on purpose.

Most Sincerely,

Mia & The Party Jammers